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Brand New custom Baits from the World's Best Swimbait Lure Manufactures!  
Industry Pioneers are finally working together to offer some of the hottest swimbaits on the market!  Our goal isn't to reinvent the wheel but to add some Bassaholics style with new innovative designs and custom paint schemes to the already infamous Triple Trout and Lunker Punker swimbaits!  We will be offering other styles of 22nd Century & Black Dog Baits to complement the new progressive paint schemes.  Be on the lookout for many new custom colors and styles available only through Bassaholics.  Merging 2 of the hottest finishing categories, lures with apparel, is just another industry first you have grown to expect from Bassaholics!  Get them before they are gone!  Stock will be limited and all baits will be sold on a first come first serve basis.  We will advertise new releases via our newsletter and on Facebook so make sure to follow us closely so you dont miss out! 

Why Swimbaits

To catch big bass, your odds increase when throwing big baits. Matching the trout which are stocked in western lakes in California, Arizona, and Texas, we throw swimbaits. Swimbaits typically match the natural forage that largemouth bass eat in these lakes. In fact, big bass get big when eating trout, so its only natural we mimic trout by using swimbaits that are painted and swim like trout.

Swimbait Gear

Throwing big baits requires other beefy hardware. Stiffer rods, bigger reels, and thicker line help with throwing these baits that can get up to 12 inches and 10 ounces in size. The bigger and heavier the lure, the bigger and beefier the fishign gear needs to be. It also helps when fighting a big bass by giving the angler leverage.