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Short Sleeve Shirts

Bassaholics Mens Bass Fishing T-Shirts. Short sleeve shirts for bass fishermen. Original Bass Fishing Graphic Design t-shirts for the addicted trophy hunter or outdoors adventurer. Creating the latest trends in mens bass fishing clothing and complementary apparel. Bassaholics pioneered bass fishing fashion to ensure the future growth of our sport and lifestyle.
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Why Bass Fishing T-Shirts

Our addiction for throwing big swimbaits to catch big bass has been a part of our company culture since 2002. Fishing and enjoying the hunt of chasing big bass are what we do, and we hope other anglers enjoy it as well. For that reason we needed an apparel line that showed it. Bassaholics produces big bass inspired fishing short sleeve t-shirts to promote and help anglers showcase their passion for fishing as well. Our heritage spans all over the world.

Performance Shirts

Rough and tough apparel is needed for repeated long sessions fishing on the water. The sun, weather, and lake conditions beat on our bodies and clothing. Our shirts feature heavy duty materials and heavy stitched threads to be by your side both on and off the water. Trendy and new t-shirt designs that match your style and catch the attention of other anglers, while showing off your passion for your swimbait and largemouth bass fishing addiction.

Addicted Lifestyle

First on the lake, and last off the water, our addiction shows every time we back the boat into the water. There's no compromise when throwing giant swimbaits, with heavy duty gear all day. Swimbaiting requires a constant attention to finding a pattern and dedication to throw the bait all day. Thats the part of trophy hunting we love and brings us back to the lake again and again.